Milcu Deodorant Facts

What are Tawas crystals?
Tawas crystal, known by its scientific name as Potassium Alum (nothing to do with aluminum), is a colorless crystal formed from non toxic mineral salts in mother earth. It has been widedly used in Asia, Europe, and Mexico as a natural deodorant for the feet and underarms.

How does it work?
Alum’s antibacterial properties eliminates the bacteria that causes odor. On application, a little of the crystal dissolves and sits on your skin’s surface an invisible microscopic protective film, eliminating odor for 24 hours or until your next wash. The Alum’s molecular structure is too big to pass into the body. This means your pores are not blocked as with anti-perspirants. Instead your body continues to naturally detoxify by sweating but without the associated odor.

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